Recovery Services and Aftercare at Volunteers of America Southwest Behavioral Health


To continue to support you in your recovery, we offer a comprehensive aftercare program. Our alumni program offers counseling, workshops, peer support meetings, and case management services that provide linkages to the community.

Your journey continues as you’re provided the tools to build a rich personal support structure. Our resources and experience will provide you with the ability to create your own personal strategy for moving forward and preventing obstacles from jeopardizing your recovery.

Recovery is very much just as much about developing a strategy for coping with the perils of everyday living as it is about the big picture. You’ll learn to predict what’s around the next corner deal with potential risks with confidence and strength.

What’s more, is that you’ll never have to navigate through your recovery alone. Volunteers of America Southwest Behavioral Health is dedicated to being with you throughout your recovery, both as a resource and as a partner.

Our promise is to meet you where you are and walk side-by-side with you on your difficult, emotional journey toward a transformed life.