Book open to the word "ADDERALL" written over an illustration of the chemical makeup of the drug. Test tubes and a flask are partially visible in the background.
Posted by | December 29, 2019

The Signs of Adderall Abuse

Is Adderall the Next Opioid Crisis?

The addictive and destructive nature of Adderall is downplayed or dismissed because it is a popular prescription drug. With a high potential for addiction, the nonmedical use and abuse of...

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A soldier overseas in the desert, interacting warmly with two local toddlers. The photo is meant to represent the potential effects of moral injury.
Posted by | November 11, 2019

What is Moral Injury? Bringing the Conversation to the Forefront

Just as veterans suffered undiagnosed from PTSD before it was recognized as a psychiatric disorder, so now is a new potential diagnosis working its way more into the mainstream –...

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Closeup of a bright red, beat up stop sign with the sky and palm trees in the back, meant to represent the movement to stop mental illness stigma.
Posted by | October 10, 2019

National Mental Illness Awareness Week: How Can We End Mental Illness Stigma?

  This year, the main focus of National Mental Illness Awareness Week (October 06 - 12) is to end mental illness stigma. The stigma around mental illness can be described...

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