Closeup of a bright red, beat up stop sign with the sky and palm trees in the back, meant to represent the movement to stop mental illness stigma.
Oct 10, 2019

National Mental Illness Awareness Week: How Can We End Mental Illness Stigma?

  This year, the main focus of National Mental Illness Awareness Week (October 06 - 12) is to end mental illness stigma. The stigma around mental illness can be described...

Youthful elderly woman wearing a white shirt and dark brown corduroy overalls, smiling while surrounded by green leaves and large yellow tropical flowers, meant to represent battling depression in seniors.
Sep 24, 2019

Understanding Depression in Seniors: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Depression in seniors is on the rise. According to Mental Health America, 34 million people over the age of 65 years struggle with some form of depression. Some might think...

Closeup of three, intertwined hands, meant to represent the bond of a suicide support group
Sep 10, 2019

How Addiction-Related Suicide Support Groups Can Help You Heal

  Millions of people lose loved ones to addiction-related suicide every single year. Feelings of depression, hopelessness, and despair can overwhelm a person so intensely that they don’t see a...

old-time mannequin head with different parts of perception drawn on the scalp
Aug 14, 2019

Drugs and Mental Health: A Dangerous Connection

Anyone watching a loved one struggle with drug addiction – or struggling themselves – understands that substance abuse directly affects mental health. People with a substance use disorder are more...

woman in blue shirt holds white pill in right hand and glass of water in left hand
Jul 19, 2019

Addressing the Opioid Epidemic with Addiction Services in San Diego

  It’s nearly impossible to find a life in the United States that the opioid epidemic hasn’t touched in some fashion. Sisters and brothers, parents and grandparents, friends and loved...

Picture of a smiling girl in the National City educational garden.
May 15, 2019

Vacant Lot Transformed into National City Educational Garden

Our very own team member, Dawn Redo, volunteered to help to transform a vacant lot into a new National City educational garden where school children can visit. Volunteers of America...

123 Years of Recovery Services
Mar 26, 2019

123 Years Transforming Lives from Vulnerable to Vibrant

Your support has transformed thousands of lives from vulnerable to vibrant. For 123 years, we have stepped forward to help vulnerable individuals in our communities. We provide recovery services and...

Recovery Services
Mar 17, 2019

How Can a Non-Profit Organization in San Diego Change the Lives of the Less Fortunate?

There’s no doubt about it: there will come a time in your life that certain obstacles will break you. A lot of experiences will shake you to your core and...